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Sean D’Souza – Psychotactics – Attversumption

  Name Product: Sean D’Souza – Psychotactics – Attversumption Sale Page: http://www.psychotactics.com/attversumption-home-study Price: $2445 Every marketing plan is based on attraction and conversion. So why is that a mistake? (Most marketing plans don’t factor in consumption. Yet, consumption is the core. Even if a customer buys your product, but doesn’t …

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Casey Zeman – Youtube Revealed

  Name Product: Casey Zeman – Youtube Revealed Sale Page: http://youtuberevealed.com/success/ Price: $497 Ponder this for a moment… if you will…that you could get first page ranking on the top Search Engine (Google) on the planet. So when someone types in what your business is about, you automatically show up? …

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Sean D’Souza – Brain Alchemy Master Class Home Study

  Name Product: Sean D’Souza – Brain Alchemy Master Class COST: $2500 Author: Sean D’Souza Size: 66.56 MB Website: http://www.psychotactics.com/brain-alchemy-masterclass-home-study Is there a way to make your company stand out in a noisy marketplace? (Don’t you sometimes feel like you’re spending money and energy without ever really getting ahead? Doesn’t …

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Ryan Deiss – Traffic & Conversion Summit 2013 Note

  Name Product: Ryan Deiss – Traffic & Conversion Summit 2013 Notes Sale Page: http://www.trafficandconversionsummit.com/join.php Price: $497 Table of Contents Day 1 Session: “What’s Next” with Ryan Deiss Session: “Post Panda SEO” with Eric Lancheres Session: “List Banking” with Ryan Deiss and Chris Oyolokor Session: “Traffic Hacks” with Perry Belcher …

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Automotive Industry Exposed

  Name Product: Automotive Industry Exposed Sale Page: http://automotivestrategies.us/syd Price: $297 Brian Anderson and Syd Michael – Automotive Industry Exposed – Secrets of attacking this high dollar niche. Learn How You Can Land High Paying Automotive Industry Customers From An Underground Auto Industry Insider. Download Link: You must be logged …

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DeucesCracked – December 2012

  Name Product: DeucesCracked – December 2012 Sale Page: http://www.deucescracked.com Price: $278/Year DeucesCracked is a poker instruction website business and an internet forum for the discussion of poker strategy. DeucesCracked offers a fee-based service that provides access to their catalogue of poker instructional videos. As of August 2009, DeucesCracked had …

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Jonathan Budd – 7 Figure Networker System

  Name Product: Jonathan Budd – 7 Figure Networker System Sale Page: http://the7figurenetworker.com/letter/929267 Price: $597 There’s a secret to fast, effortless, & scientific success when you’re just starting out on the Internet… a SYSTEM. Any good entrepreneur knows that if they’re following a well planned, carefully created system that’s been …

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Dan Kennedy – Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Boot Camp

  Name Product: Dan Kennedy – Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Boot Camp Sale Page: http://store.dankennedy.com/copywriting-mastery-and-sales-thinking-boot-camp.html Price: $997 The one thing—more than any other—that Dan Kennedy attributes most of his success to is his ability to write persuasive, compelling copy. Develop and fine-tune your copywriting ability and you will possess a …

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James Wedmore – YouTube Marketing

  Name Product: James Wedmore – YouTube Marketing Sale Page: http://www.creativelive.com/courses/youtube-marketing-simple-video-strategies-grow-your-business-james-wedmore Price: $249 Everyone today is talking about Facebook and Twitter, but what many people don’t realize is that YouTube is one of the most underutilized and underestimated marketing channels for small businesses. There are 4 billion views every day …

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Jay Abraham – MasterMind Marketing System

  Name Product: Jay Abraham – MasterMind Marketing System Sale Page: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Jay-Abraham-Mastermind-Marketing-Training-2002-35-Audio-CDs-Brainstorming-/370672327854 Price: $999.95 The Jay Abraham Mastermind Marketing Course has the key ingredients to jump start your business. Jay is the leader in the marketing industry for his strategies and teaching. Jay teaches you how to recognize and identify …

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Monica Main – Real Estate Cash Flow System

  Name Product: Monica Main – Real Estate Cash Flow System Sale Page: http://www.monicamain.com/real_estate_cash_flow_system1 Price: $397 Dear Real Estate Investor, Last year I was in the midst of completely changing my real estate investing strategies AGAIN (since I’ve had to change my techniques a lot with our ever-shifting economic conditions).  …

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Brad Geddes – Certified Knowledge WebRip

  Name Product: Brad Geddes – Certified Knowledge WebRip Sale Page: http://certifiedknowledge.org/membership-information/pricing/ Price: $79/Month Brad Geddes, Founder of Certified Knowledge, consults on a large variety of tasks that range from simple PPC audits to helping you define your products so that you can scale them to sell thousands of marketing …

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